Pickleball, a sport that has captured the hearts of many, is not just about hitting a ball with a paddle. It’s a community, a shared passion that brings people together. As a pickleball instructor, I recently received a heartwarming message from one of my students that reminded me of the true power of this game. In this blog post, I want to share the story of how pickleball’s inclusivity and enthusiasm can transcend boundaries and bring people from all walks of life together.

Warming my pickleball heart.

A Message of Gratitude
I was overwhelmed with gratitude when I received a message from one of my students expressing her heartfelt appreciation. It was not just about the fact that I had helped her improve her game; it was the deeper impact that pickleball had made on her life. She thanked me for introducing her to the world of pickleball, a small “change” that had helped her game and brought immense joy and fulfillment.

The Power of Invitation
What truly touched me was her enthusiasm to share this newfound passion with her loved ones. She mentioned inviting her husband, her friend’s husband, her sons, and her neighbors to join her in playing pickleball. It was a beautiful testament to the power of invitation and the inclusive nature of the sport. So keep on inviting newcomers to play with you, remember pickleball peeps that play together Stay Together in health and wellness!
Help and nurture our new players that you see on the court, and give back to them with a little time, there is nothing more selfish than when a player who has received so much from the sport avoids spending time with the newcomers. Give back and you’ll be happier knowing that you’ve “gotten” the true SPIRIT of pickleball.

Building a Community
Pickleball is more than just a game. It can foster a sense of community and connection. By inviting her family members, friends, and neighbors to experience the game, my student was creating a network of individuals who could share the joy and excitement that pickleball brings. One family now has 4 generations coming to play pickleball regularly, and this is so healthy for players that attend, let alone the benefit we all get from participating in a big pickleball family, simple there is no other sport that offers generational inclusivity like pickleball! In fact according to Vaughn Baker, “Several years ago, PBS came down from Philadelphia and produced a special on this new game pickleball. The producer asked me to round up the players with qualified health benefits from Pickleball. I lined them up in single file for 40 feet and PBS selected them at random. Here were some of their comments: “Saved my life,” “Lost 80 pounds,” “Off all meds,” “Doctor can’t believe it.” That, my friends, is what pickleball brings to your community. It doesn’t matter if you are good or bad because pickles come in all sizes and shapes — laughing all the way! ”  It is this aspect that I truly love.

Breaking Barriers

Diversity in Pickleball across the nation.

Pickleball knows no boundaries. As a Canadian, I grew up with the concept of a multicultural society and at times, I have struggled to see the concept in practice.  The belief that a truly multi-cultural society exists…until I began playing at Keswick that is! On any given day, Keswick is filled with many different languages, laughter, and even encouraging banter. I can now call out in Hindi, numbers in Farsi, and say good shot in Mandarin! What other sport would teach me that? Only pickleball!

It is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, genders, and abilities. By inviting her husband and sons, my student was breaking down the stereotype that pickleball is only for a specific demographic. The inclusivity of the sport encourages everyone to participate, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.


Spreading the Love

Pickleball’s Spectrum of Diversity

As pickleball enthusiasts, we have the opportunity to introduce this wonderful sport to those around us. By sharing our experiences and inviting others to join, we can create a ripple effect that expands the pickleball community. I have learned more about different cultures, my community, and myself than at any other time in my life. The more people we introduce to the game, the more we not only contribute to the growth and inclusivity of the sport but to our neighborhoods and nation too!

The Privilege of Sharing
The story of my student’s enthusiasm and her efforts to invite her loved ones into the world of pickleball is a testament to the power of this incredible sport. It brings people together, breaks down barriers, and creates a sense of belonging. As pickleball enthusiasts, we have the privilege of sharing this experience with others and expanding the community. Let us embrace the inclusive spirit of pickleball and continue to spread the love for this game that has the potential to change lives. So share the passion peeps!

Yours in Pickleball!