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IPOP’s November Pops!

Hello Ipoppers! Time flies as much as a whiffle ball on a Pickleball court! Here comes the holiday season…while most of you migrated into community centers, gymnasiums or jetted down south, I took to month to treat my painful pickleball elbow, it’s feeling better, and with a managed “slow” return to play, it should be […]


IPOP’s Busy Summer Recap!

We’ve been busy…..a recap of exciting updates From gripping competitions to youth classes and charitable collaborations, the Surrey Pickleball Club (SPC) and CLASSESIPOP have been making waves in the world of pickleball. Here’s a roundup of recent events and upcoming initiatives that are taking our sport to new heights locally! Skills and Drills at Keswick: […]

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Creating an Inclusive Pickleball Community: The Power of Groups

The Power of Groups Are you a pickleball enthusiast looking to connect with fellow players, share your passion, and organize matches? If so, you’re in luck! Pickleball groups are the heart and soul of this vibrant sports community. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of pickleball groups, their significance, and how you can […]

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National Pickleball Weekend: Celebrating the iPOP in BC

  What a truly fantastic weekend it was, fully immersed in the world of Pickleball. I wholeheartedly advocate for extending the celebration beyond just a day; how about National Pickleball Month? The joy this sport brings is worth the extended festivities! By starting the day with a deep sense of gratitude for discovering this wonderful […]

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“Pickling Your Peepers: Serve, Smash, and Shield Your Eyes in Pickleball!”

So,  my family of pickleheads, it’s time to “pickle your peepers” and gear up with protective eyewear! Let’s face it, we all want to play pickleball fearlessly, and nothing should hold us back from getting in front of those court smashers, returning with a soft dink, and winning those games. Pickleball is a popular sport […]