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The 3 Amigos Pickleball Style: A new continental organization emerges for Pickleball


Introducing the new Pickleball Federation of the Americas


Pickleball is a fast-growing sport that is gaining popularity all over the world. It’s a sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, and it’s easy to see why. My local court, Keswick Park is a multitude mixing pot of people from all over the Americas, especially Central and South America. Most beginners are amazed at how much fun the sport is, but acknowledge that it is barely heard of outside of North America.

The Keswick Park, a local court bustling with players from diverse corners of the Americas, especially Central and South America, exemplifies how pickleball acts as a bridge that transcends borders. However, despite its rapid growth and fervent following in North America, pickleball remains a mystery to many beyond these shores.

To bridge this gap and amplify the sport’s reach, the United States, Canada, and Mexico have joined forces to establish the Pickleball Federation of the Americas (PFA). This groundbreaking organization assumes the mantle of being the premier governing body for pickleball in the region, with a mission to cultivate and champion the sport’s expansion across the Americas.

Central to the PFA’s vision is the propagation of pickleball in countries where its presence is yet to be felt. The PFA’s outreach extends to the vibrant landscapes of South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and North America. Collaborating with national pickleball organizations, the PFA is set to plant the seeds of programs, events, and training opportunities, nurturing a newfound enthusiasm for this thrilling sport.

Moreover, the PFA is dedicated to nurturing pickleball players of all calibers, from novices taking their first swing to seasoned professionals exhibiting prowess on the court. This commitment translates into coaching and training initiatives, curated tournaments and events, and the establishment of universal standards for equipment and facilities. The PFA’s ethos revolves around fostering sportsmanship and fair play, ensuring that pickleball is played with integrity and respect, traits that mirror the values of unity and camaraderie shared by the Americas.

The PFA’s Unifying Impact

The 3 amigos=pickleball style!

The Pickleball Federation of the Americas has far-reaching implications that extend beyond the court lines. Its establishment sets in motion a series of transformative outcomes:

1. International Sporting Recognition: The PFA’s inception acts as a pivotal stepping stone toward pickleball’s inclusion in prestigious sporting events such as the Olympics and Pan American Games, solidifying its status as a globally revered sport.

2. Exchange of Knowledge and Resources: A unified front allows for the exchange of valuable resources, best practices, and tournament opportunities among nations. This collaborative approach elevates the standard of the sport across the region.

3. Strengthened Alliances: The PFA serves to formalize and enhance the already strong relationship between Pickleball Canada and th

e USA Pickleball, laying a solid foundation for cross-border cooperation.

The Inaugural Americas Championship, slated to be held in Los Cabos, Mexico, from November 26 to December 2, 2023, stands as a testament to the PFA’s rapid growth. This tournament, the first sanctioned event under the PFA banner, is expected to draw around 350 players. The participation of countries like Peru, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Panama, and the Caribbean region underscores the PFA’s swift integration and influence.

A Catalyst for Unity

Beyond the exhilarating rallies and the thrill of competition, pickleball has emerged as an instrument of unity. As individuals from diverse cultures converge on the court, they share laughter, build connections, and form a close-knit community that transcends linguistic and geographical boundaries. The Pickleball Federation of the Americas embodies this spirit of unity, reflecting how a common passion can break down barriers and foster lasting bonds.

In a world often divided by differences, the PFA’s model of collaboration is a lesson that transcends the realms of sports. It prompts us to contemplate the potential of shared endeavors to create harmony and cooperation, not only on the court but also in the corridors of diplomacy.

So, as the PFA propels pickleball onto a grander stage, let us take inspiration from this dynamic initiative. Let us envision a world where the camaraderie forged over a pickleball net becomes a guiding principle for global interactions, reminding us that while we may hail from different corners of the world, we are all part of one human family.